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Art work by Martha Winter Jul 14/5 2018

Cambridge Open Studio @Akendi

Cambridge, UK/ Martha Winter will exhibit her waves and coast inspired artwork at the Akendi office.

Akendi are pleased to temporarily host Martha's artworks during the Cambridge Open Studios 2018 event.

Martha's artworks celebrate micro- and macro patterns in nature, explored through systems, geometry and process. This is a great opportunity to not only view stunning pieces of art large and small but also meet the artist in person.

Apr 19 2018

London, UK/ Clinical pathways are well defined in modern healthcare systems but how well do we understand the patient experience? When taken through a clinical pathway the patient will encounter multiple healthcare providers who are all organised to optimise their contribution to the clinical pathway.

However the patient experience, from becoming aware to the ‘final outcome’ is less well understood let alone optimally supported. This is rather strange given that the patient is the only constant factor in the overall care process. During this talk to be presented at UXD Healthcare Conference 2018 Dr Leo Poll will explore how a patient experience centric view of clinical pathways can lead not only to an optimised patient experience but ultimately new innovations that lead to cost savings for healthcare organisations such as the NHS.

A related paper was written for the IET and can be downloaded here: IET Design and Evidence (pdf).

Sep 25 2017

Cambridge, UK/ Calling all tech experts who love a great coffee!
Geoff McCormick, Akendi's senior UX architect will facilitate an ideation session at CW's (Cambridge Wireless) hack event. The hack will take place on Monday 25th of September at the new Bradfield Centre in Cambridge, supported by Central Working. Costa Coffee has an ambition to facilitate meaningful connection over great coffee. They are looking to support technologies that elevate the customer experience – both inside and out of the store including drive through shops. It is anticipated that some of these ideas will rollout globally by 2025 - so there is considerable scope to think big. The Akendi led session will quarantee a user-centred innovation session. Sign up here

Apr 27 2017

Cambridge, UK/ An optimal experience is not just 'enjoyable' but key to an organisation's success. This sounds trivial but it is often overlooked.
We are all too familiar with endless waiting times when trying to contact a support desk, installation instructions that do not make sense, account pages that do not allow you to find something as simple as your latest invoice etc. Clearly these are all the result of a lack of joined up approach as well as a lack of understanding of what customers/users really experience.

So how do you make sure your organisation delivers a useful, usable and satisfactory experience to your users and customers? By building an oiled 'UX machine' where every member of staff is aware of how they contribute to the overall service delivery or simply put by introducing the concept of Experience Thinking.

dDuring this talk Leo will outline what a pragmatic development programme looks like to ensure that the whole organisation 'Thinks experience'. More info here

Apr 27 2017

London, UK/Value for money in UX projects comes from focusing on efficiency. The prevailing view seems to lean towards slimmer budgets by removing all "superfluous" activities; Research and testing are quite often eliminated or drastically reduced, which is ironic because they are key to lean UX design.

Alvaro Drake will outline how our Experience Thinking ProcessTM, which orchestrates the multidisciplinary efforts required for successful UX, integrates effectively with the technical development. More info here

Feb 9 2017

London, UK/Forward thinking companies consider the services they offer to be something that needs to be designed rather than just something that 'evolves'. 'Service Design' and its cousin 'Experience Mapping' are however just the start. Services are delivered by people who need an optimal tool to support and align their service delivery activities. Odoo is, in our view, such a tool because it gives a UX company such as Akendi all the flexibility it requires to develop an experience for external customers and the internal organisation that fits 'like-a-glove'. Akendi UK's president Leo Poll and Lead Software Architect Alvaro Drake will attend this exciting event. Feel free to contact us beforehand if you would like to chat about Service Design, Odoo and UX. More info here

Jan 26 2017

Applied Visualisation Forum - IET

Gaydon, UK/The IET will launch a new forum on Applied Visualisation with an inaugural event at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon. Increased processing power, ever larger sets of data and new lower cost visualisation hardware offer exciting new opportunities for creating innovative user experiences. Akendi are pleased to take part in this event as a panelist on the 'Human Factors and Medical' discussion panel. The panel discussion is scheduled to take 25min which, given the topic, will prove a challenge! More info can be found here: here.

Feb 24 2016

Testing your site to perfection

London, UK/Leo Poll, president of Akendi UK, will discuss the pro's and con's of different ways of testing sites during the Travel Technology Europe conference. Conducting a site test is easy but getting reliable results that you can confidently base business decisions on is not. And yet, many business depend 100% on their online presence. Leo will argue that the key to success is not the use of tools but a clear idea of what you want to know from a test. Get this clear first, then design the test and lastly select the appropriate tools. 'I am looking forward to this 1 hour session and hope that the audience will ask challenging questions' says Leo Poll. The conference is part of the bigger Travel Technology Europe show. Link to the show can be found here.

Sept 25 2015

Akendi at IOT613 conference in Ottawa

Ottawa, Canada/Leo Poll, president of Akendi UK will be one of the key note speakers at this hands-on Internet-of-Things event. It is estimated that the number of "Things' connected to the Internet will one day outnumber humans. Core question is if that is the case then what on earth are all these things doing and more importantly what are they doing for us humans? Leo will argue that the IoT devices are just the glue between our physical world and the online world. Glueing the right things together in a way that results in an optimal experience for an end-user is where the real challenges are. Once again, technically everything is possible. Link to the event can be found here.

Oct 13 2015

‘The cupboard is bare: how technology can address key unmet needs in mental health’ - Wireless Healthcare SIG event

Cambridge, United Kingdom/How do you identify unmet needs when users cannot articulate their needs properly or are simply unaware of these for whatever reason? Trial and error is the standard approach but it really doesn't have to be that way. Leo Poll, president of Akendi UK, will address this chicken and egg problem and will show that one of these actually comes first. A description of this though provoking event can be found here

Oct 6 2015

Cambridge Digital Business Club: Innovation

Cambridge, United Kingdom/Akendi will be present at this event courtesy of Barclays Bank Cambridge. Making the most of digital innovation starts with a deep and validated understanding of customer and user needs. Our experts will be available after the formal session to answer your questions on how to uncover real needs before embarking on a large investement in development. Link to the event will be published here shortly.

June 18 2015

Akendi at UXPA careers event

Cambridge, United Kingdom/If you would like to join a thought leading UX company with clients on both sides of the Atlantic then why not meet the team on Thursday at the UXPA careers event in London. Register for free

May 21 2014

The Year of the iBeacon

Cambridge, United Kingdom/Our thought-leading event 'The Year of the iBeacon' brought together great minds that do not think alike for a series of inspiring talks by Akendi, CSR and Nokia followed by two fast and furious brainstorms with all participants. A summary of the event can be found here

Read about the results
April 08 2014

Augmented Reality

Toronto, Canada/ An excellent introductory look at innovating in Augmented Reality. Senior Experience Architect, Dan Iaboni, leads this information session and helps you prepare for a future with augmented reality.

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October 30 2013

User Personas & User Groups

Ottawa,Canada/ A no-cost video on User Groups and Personas. Dominira Saul, our Chief Experience Architect, will explore best practices and applications and shares foundational knowledge that could make all the difference in your strategy and design. This video is recommended for audiences at beginner to intermediate levels in UX, or those who are interested in learning more details on the user group and persona section of the UX process. In this video you will learn:
Why personas need to be research based, Marketing personas vs. UX personas. How personas should be used.

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September 26 2013

Social Media in the Conversation Lifecycle

Toronto, Canada/ Social media is not an isolated event, nor is it the sole avenue in facilitating a conversation. This presentation will look at how social media is a strategic element in the conversation lifecycle and when used effectively can offer valuable insight at varying states of development (product or service). Attendees will gain practical tips on using social media and other channels to improve their organisation’s overall conversation (how to involve them, when to involve them, why to involve them). Attendees will also gain insight into where in the lifecycle social media could be most effective. This presentation will use feedback and examples from Twitter-posted questions and will encourage attendees, registrants, and non-registrants to participate in the Twitter questions. Questions will be projected from our physical office to reach passersby and tweak an interest in the conversation.

VENUE INFORMATION: Akendi’s Toronto office (30 Duncan Street, Suite 203) will host approximately 45 guests to attend the event in-person. It will be a seated presentation, classroom style. We will also stream the event on our website as we have an office location in London, UK and they would like to participate as well.

Thursday September 26, 2013 11.00 am to 12.00 pm
Akendi 30 Duncan Street, Suite 203, Toronto, Ontario.

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September 19 2013

Designing Responsively

Toronto, Canada/ Join Tedde van Gelderen for a thorough examination of the elements and misconceptions of designing responsively. Akendi hosts a live webinar that looks into responsive design and the role of UX.

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July 17 2013

Decoding UX

Cambridge, UK/ We all want great results. But how can we ensure a better result the first time around? Join us for a free 45-min webinar and find out why every company should take UX seriously to stand head and shoulders above the rest. This is an introductory video intended for audiences with little or no familiarity to user experience design. It will cover some foundation concepts and introduce viewers to some key best practices. In this video you will learn: What a 'user experience' involves, The difference between a user and customer, The four qualities that must be present and considered, How to integrate User Experience Thinking into your organisation.

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March 8 2013

HeadStart Studio Open Doors by RGD Ontario

Toronto, Canada/ Akendi will be one of the Top Toronto creative studios to welcome you for a studio open house. Check out work and chat with creative directors and senior designers at each the studio. This event is a great opportunity to meet and network with other designers before the beginning of the HeadStart conference sessions the following day.

Friday March 8, 2013 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm
Akendi 30 Duncan Street, Suite 203, Toronto, Ontario.


November 2 2011

User Experience and your library

Toronto, Canada/ Akendi's Cindy Beggs will talk about User Experience and Your Library at the November 2nd event of the Special Libraries Association Toronto chapter hosted in the Akendi Toronto office. Learn about how you can make improvements to your information centre’s services, web or mobile offerings by applying a user centred approach and see how your library skills can be applied outside of special libraries.

Wednesday November 2, 2011 6.30-8 pm
Akendi 30 Duncan Street, Suite 203, Toronto, Ontario.


July 14 2010

Design Thinking in Social Media

Ottawa, Canada/ Social Media Breakfast Ottawa. This month's speaker is a bit different from our usual marcom and social media expert-types. Joining us will be Dominira (Dom) Saul who is the Director of User Experience Design with Akendi, a human experience design firm. Yes, that's right, we've invited a designer in to learn from this month! And what we hope Dom will teach us is a little bit about design thinking. Wikipedia presently defines design thinking as: ". . . a process for practical, creative resolution of problems or issues that looks for an improved future result. It is the essential ability to combine empathy, creativity and rationality to meet user needs and drive business success." As Roger Martin, Dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto would suggest, the way the designer thinks and solves problems can be applied to how business is conducted -- social media practitioners included! In his presentation entitled Design Thinking in Social Media, Dom will introduce us to design thinking ideas and showcase a methodology that he follows in his work. Having worked on Flip video camera software, Dom will use it as a case example to illustrate design thinking concepts, tools and techniques in a relatable way. To make these concepts useful to you, he'll apply these design thinking concepts, tools and techniques to the business strategies you might use with social media as part of your tactical plans. Want to learn from Dom Saul? Sign up today by selecting the 'Register Now' button!

Wednesday July 14, 2010 7:30 to 9:00 am
Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP 160 Elgin Street, Place Bell, 26th Floor - Suite 2600, Ottawa, Ontario.

Leo Poll
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What we do

Whether digital or physical, we answer the most critical
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Is it usable? Is it useful? Is it engaging?

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Our expertise in
UX is deep and pragmatic

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We work with clients from around the world.