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The experience matters. What's good for your audience is good for your business. Establishing the experience first is instrumental for early validation and helps you deliver something more people want.
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    De-risk the design

    Get the necessary insights and drivers before you commit time and resources to design a product or service. The result? Higher engagement and a predictable experience at launch.

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    Understand use

    When you understand the experience early with your audience, you create a focused strategy that has higher quality requirements at the start of your project. This leads to meeting both your user's needs as well as your business needs.

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    Repeatable success

    Innovation is a constant in business. Doing it in the right way allows you to deliver ongoing value in tune with your audience's needs and desires. Today and in the future.

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How we Work

Experience Thinking

How we Work

Experience Thinking


The experience is not created in a vacuum or as an afterthought

There are four key experiences that need to be considered to improve and innovate customer and user journeys: Brand, Content, Product, and Service. Often, all four need to be researched, strategized and designed in close collaboration with all stakeholders.
Deliver the brand promise through the brand experience


Defining a strong brand requires a process of discovery to define your vision and design for the qualities you want associated with your organization. This means your brand becomes not just what you want it to be, but also what your audience thinks and feels about you over time.

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The team provided professional advice and thought-provoking questions to shape the purpose and future direction of my goals. It was an absolute pleasure working with! ERICA WIEBE, OLYMPIC CHAMPION

Match user expectations


With ever growing information available to us, Content is now the product. Different media, big data and machine learning helps to interact in a way that makes sense to us. Understand how users think so you can match the way they want to find information. The need to design your Content so it enhances the Product and Service experience is higher than ever.

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Involve users early and often


At some point, your product or service will be used by your customers, so why not involve them during design? When you engage people in the process early, you learn if the flow and interactions work as envisioned and deliver an intentional experience at launch. Successful organizations apply the right mix of business, customer and user input, this puts the focus squarely on the experience.

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The big picture


Service design connects the points of the experience. Since people experience your organization often through the service they receive, we need to design the service as an end-to-end experience. Here is where we tie brand, content, and product experiences together to make them work successfully in a connected, holistic way.

St. Mary's University
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The Akendi team were proactive and adaptable in their approach to the project from the outset. The team came to the site several times to meet with our key stakeholders, hosted workshops for us and did a great job managing expectations of different parties and came up with a user experience plan that satisfied all concerned. Client Quotation

People don't just buy products, they buy experiences

No matter what experiences you're looking to create, Experience Thinking is essential to delivering cohesive, remarkable experiences that will delight long after the initial encounter. Let's get started.
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Interested to know more about Experience Thinking?

Take a deeper dive into Experience Thinking with the published book, "Experience Thinking: Creating Connected Experiences" by Tedde van Gelderen, the President of Akendi.

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