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Canadian gold medalist Erica Wiebe is pursuing new opportunities with an original and inspiring logo designed by Akendi.


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Case study overview
Erica Wiebe brand design

The challenge

As the reigning Olympic champion in women’s 75 kg freestyle wrestling, Erica Wiebe is in demand. Delivering inspirational speeches, running clinics, and appearing at camps, Wiebe is keen to share her success and insights with others. To help evolve her brand, Wiebe needed a professional, memorable logo that reflected her personality and could be easily implemented in her online and print materials.

Erica Wiebe brand designer

The Akendi team provided professional advice and thought-provoking questions to shape the purpose and future direction of my goals. It was an absolute pleasure working with Akendi!

Erica Wiebe

Erica Wiebe brand sketches
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Our approach

Through interviews, photo and video research, and a competitive analysis, Akendi was able to uncover Wiebe’s unique characteristics and voice.

Using a deep understanding of Wiebe’s personality, style, and brand goals, Akendi created a powerful logo that was original, simple, and memorable.

Wiebe now has a logo that she can use across social media, print materials, her website and more. Akendi’s thoughtful design strategy also generated a set of guiding principles that Wiebe can follow when creating new brand materials in the future. With her new logo in hand, the Olympic gold medalist is pursuing professional corporate engagements with confidence as she evolves her brand and career.

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