Akendi helped Eliza develop an effective, efficient and satisfying healthcare engagement management solution for its clients.


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Case study overview
Eliza UX design

The challenge

Despite a recent overhaul, Eliza’s patient engagement management portal – a system used by Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and pharmaceutical companies to track communication with patients – was viewed as cumbersome and difficult to interact with. To increase user engagement, reduce support calls, and surface key information more quickly, Eliza turned to Akendi to lead research and design activities to redesign the portal.

Eliza UX design Eliza UX design
Eliza UX design Eliza UX design

Our approach

After sessions with the Eliza leadership team to capture business objectives, Akendi evaluated the usability of the existing portal to discover issues that deter users from completing key tasks. Akendi then conducted internal and external interviews to develop understanding of the user personas and usage scenarios.

With this understanding we redesigned the portal’s structure and visual design, rooted in the usability goals of the personas.

Eliza information architecture Eliza wireframe design Eliza visual ux design Eliza style sheet

Thanks to the deep user knowledge uncovered by Akendi, Eliza focused its portal on verified user needs, rather than internal assumptions or the perceived needs of a specific client. Not only does the new, user-centered portal surface key content quickly, it incorporates simplified terminology and a modern, visually-appealing design that offers consistency and ease of use throughout the portal.

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