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Paxton Access is a global organisation that has over 30 years’ experience in designing IP access control, door entry technology and smart building systems for use across a range of verticals, including education, public sector, commercial enterprise and healthcare.

The company is headquartered in Brighton, employs over 270 people and exports its smart building technology to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Having a user-friendly management portal for configuring and controlling its extensive product range is therefore integral to efficiency, productivity and ultimately profitability.


Stakeholder Research, Heuristic Review, In-house Training & Virtual Experience Team (VXT™)

Case study overview
Paxton wireframes

The challenge

Paxton Access embarked on a technology refresh to simplify functionality for one of its core products, with a view to launching a new product version that would not only deliver a better user experience but would also feature the company’s most recent smart building technology and security applications as standard.

Realising that many in-house designers had limited knowledge of UX design principles, a key factor to successfully designing user-centric websites, Paxton Access’ training division began looking for experienced UX training houses to run an onsite programme.

UX analysis

Akendi was finally selected as the preferred supplier to carry out a bespoke training course titled “Introduction to User Experience Design and Thinking” because of its extensive experience and understanding of the subject and longstanding market reputation.

During the training course, it became apparent that Akendi could assist the company with many other aspects of its product development requirements, so on completion of the course, the Akendi team was commissioned to carry out an extensive review of the Paxton 10 system user interface and to make recommendations for improvement.

The Akendi project has achieved great results in refining the UI of our Paxton10 building intelligence system. The Akendi team provided excellent communication and was able to explain the complex and involved principles of UX quickly and in a way that is easy to understand. This resulted in a simplified positive experience for our customers and has given us a great foundation for taking the system forward. UX is now at the forefront of all product development projects.

Client quotation

Paxton Access wireframe design Paxton Access interaction design
Paxton Access wireframe design Paxton Access interaction design

Our approach

Prior to preparing a detailed review of the Paxton 10 system and to improve the design of the new website portal, Akendi completed a heuristic evaluation of the website interface from a usability perspective`, which revealed over 200 areas for improvement.

The review confirmed that Paxton’s website was overly complicated from a usability perspective and this was impacting end user engagement with different products, resulting in high drop off rates. Akendi presented all their findings to Paxton’s management team so they could be incorporated into the company’s overall product development programme.

As a result of the consultancy service provided by Akendi, UX Design is now at the heart of all product development projects from the outset. Paxton’s product management portal and user interface now provides users with a positive experience because it is now accessible via multiple devices and methods, including PCs, laptops, purpose-built android/iPhone Apps, smartphones and tablets.

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