CyberSource’s web portal brings business owners and case managers together to tackle fraud.


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Case study overview
Cybersource Visa UX Design

The challenge

Over the last twenty years, CyberSource has been a pioneer in online payment and anti-fraud management systems, and is one of the world’s most-used anti-fraud detection software systems. To improve the fraud detection for a growing online client base, CyberSource needed to simplify the process for case managers and business owners alike.

Cybersource Visa UX Design Cybersource Visa UX Design
Cybersource Visa UX Design Cybersource Visa UX Design

Our approach

To cater to CyberSource’s diverse and international client base, the Akendi team created an enterprise manager portal. Through this portal business owners can easily track and verify fraudulent charges, and communicate with case managers.

To ensure CyberSource provides outstanding service, the Akendi team redesigned the decision manager by strengthening the problem-solving knowledge base for case managers. Finally, a new visual design makes tasks easy to follow and gives the tools a professional look.

The new enterprise manager and decision manager are improving how businesses track and resolve fraudulent charges. Now business owners around the world are empowered to take control of managing fraudulent payments. No matter how complex an issue, clients know that CyberSource’s case managers can provide first-rate assistance when it comes to investigating cases of fraud.

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