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NB Power strengthens customer relations with a friendly website that makes it easy to pay bills and check account history.


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Case study overview
NB Power web UX Design

The challenge

NB Power is New Brunswick’s primary electric utility serving hundreds of thousands of households. As a Crown Corporation, NB Power wanted to become known as a friendly and accessible utility while improving customer service.

NB Power web personas research

In 2021, nbpower.com was ranked the #1 Canadian Utility website in the E Source Review of North American Electric and Gas Company Residential Websites.

Design Director – Akendi,
Siobhan Kennedy

NB Power wireframe design
NB Power web personas research Automic visual brief

Our approach

Akendi, in collaboration with Affinity Systems, created a responsive website to provide customers with quick and easy access to the information they need, no matter what device they are using. The team analysed NB Powers’ broad customer base to develop three core user profiles: an average homeowner, someone who is often moving, and someone using the site during an emergency.

Akendi built the website architecture around these personas and created a concept and final visual design that conveys NB Power’s core values: being responsible, sharing knowledge and helping customers and the community.

NB Power mobile design NB Power visual style guide design 2

Now New Brunswickers can easily pay bills, check account histories and report outages from the desktop, mobile phone or tablet of their choice. The new site, including a completely reimagined visual approach, lets customers see the human side of NB Power and encourages engagement with the site’s news and information.

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