Matching innovations to needs

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Innovations produce more and more technical advances. However, for adoption at scale an innovations needs to be seen as useful by customers and usable by users.

The Challenge

It can be hard to get users to see why your innovation is 'the best thing since sliced bread'

Innovations do not create user needs. The introduction of the car (T Ford) did not create the desire to travel faster. That need already existed and it still does! Users did not express this need for the simple reason that they could not see a better solution. Users will recognise a superior solution if it meets a real need (better).

Our recommendations

Know your audience

A clear view of who your customers and users are gives focus to the development process

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Our recommendations

Pinpoint real needs

Use research to sharpen your understanding of what needs your innovation meets better than anyone else's.

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Our recommendations

Fit into the context

Intimate knowledge of the context of use helps you develop a solution that neatly fits in, accelerating adoption

Recommendation 03

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