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Lakehead University’s redesigned website engages students by reflecting their personal and academic lives.


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Case study overview
Lakehead University UX Web Design

The challenge

Lakehead University offers a dynamic and innovative academic environment, and needed a website that would reflect the spirit of campus life. They wanted to reinvent their website so that it would resonate with current and prospective students, build brand awareness and increase enrolment. Akendi was asked to help create a new design that would be easier to navigate, showcase the student experience and reflect the university’s natural surroundings.

Lakehead University student persona research

We are very pleased with Akendi’s methodology, the result of which is a beautifully designed website that elegantly merges the goals of the institution with those of the user. Akendi is an advocate for the end user and keeps their needs in mind at every stage.

Manager, Web Development
Services Tove Tronslien

Lakehead University information architecture
Lakehead University student persona research Lakehead University information architecture

Our approach

Akendi interviewed students, faculty and staff to figure out which tasks and functions were being completed on the website. The findings informed how the new design would be organized and which content would be prioritized. Akendi conducted usability testing to validate that users could easily complete their tasks.

Akendi then created the visual design, incorporating stunning photography into the website to immerse current and prospective students in campus life.

Lakehead University wireframe design Lakehead University web style guide

The new website is intuitive and inspires user engagement. The updated visual design and high-impact images reflect the reality of student-life and lets users see themselves as students at Lakehead University. Feedback about the new website has been positive. Users find the new design easy to navigate and say it reflects their experience at Lakehead University.

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