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WaveDNA makes it on the international stage of music composition with the launch of Liquid Loops.


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Case study overview
Liquid Loops Brand Design

The challenge

WaveDNA is committed to developing new experimental music software. Its program, Liquid Loops (now Liquid Rhythm), lets producers and musicians analyse, isolate, recall and layer rhythms and beats without sheet music or live musicians. To launch the product successfully, Liquid Loops needed a brand identity and website that would attract music lovers.

Liquid Loops brand design Liquid Loops brand
Liquid Loops UX design Liquid Loops digital product design

Our approach

Akendi developed a brand identity that would speak to Liquid Loops’ tech oriented and media savvy audience. For the logo, blue lines in a wave pattern were chosen to represent the layers and movement of music. The layering and twisting of multi-coloured lines was used throughout the website design and collateral to expand on the logo and explore the company name, WaveDNA.

The website integrated social media and discussion forums to facilitate conversation about experimental music composition.

The Liquid Loops website has inspired music lovers, creators and producers alike. The marketing materials and brand design have caught the attention of the public and WaveDNA has since grown its team, developed new products and become internationally known for cutting-edge advances in music technology.

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