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A new visual identity raised the profile of a university research lab and helped it attract more research participants.


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Case study overview
University of Toronto Oral Dynamics Lab Brand Design

The challenge

The Oral Dynamics Laboratory has been studying speech and oral motor control at the University of Toronto since 1998, but low visibility made it difficult for them to attract participants for their research projects. They needed a compelling and consistent brand to raise their profile around the university campus and beyond.

University of Toronto Oral Dynamics Lab Brand Designs

The process was extremely collaborative and I was given the control I needed to make important decisions. I’ve received many compliments on the professional look and attractiveness of the design. Akendi’s work has really set us apart.

Professor, University Of Toronto, Faculty Of Medicine, Department Of Speech-Language Pathology,
Pascal van Lieshout

University of Toronto Oral Dynamics Lab Brand Sketching
University of Toronto Oral Dynamics Lab Brand Design University of Toronto Oral Dynamics Lab Brand Sketching

Our approach

Akendi approached this project as more than simply a logo design. Our philosophy recognizes that an effective logo is one piece of a larger connected experience of any organization. We designed the logo with that in mind, making the logo a foundational element of whatever the lab would seek to build out in future.

We also created a unified look and feel for the lab’s brochures and other collateral to present a professional and trustworthy face to the outside world.

With its new identity and a consistent look and feel for its collateral, the Oral Dynamics Lab has successfully differentiated itself across the university campus and environs, which has helped increase the effectiveness of its participant recruiting.

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