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Innovation & Strategy

Innovation and strategy go hand-in-hand to create delightful, differentiated experiences. Innovation unlocks the ideas; strategy ensures that the best ideas are chosen and optimized to deliver the best experiences.

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Innovation Strategies

Ensure that the best ideas are optimally designed for the intended customer, user, citizen, and member experience.

competitive landscape analysis and research by Akendi Go

Competitive Landscape4 - 10 weeks

Understand how your brand, product, service, or content compares to others as a basis for innovation and differentiation.

Content strategy by Akendi Go

Content Strategy6 - 12 weeks

Plan the right content and presentation for each audience’s needs, and ensure they’ll be able to find what they need, when they need it.

Customer experience strategy consulting by Akendi Go

Customer Experience Strategy4 - 8 weeks

Define how people will experience your brand, product, service or content – and how to turn them into customers, clients, members, subscribers, and users.

Journey Mapping research by Akendi Go

Journey Mapping3 - 8 weeks

Understand and visualize the journeys and pathways that customers experience as they interact with your brand, product, service, or content.

Product User Experience Strategies by Akendi Go

UX Strategy2 - 6 weeks

Define what’s needed to create the UX experience that will differentiate your offering and delight its users as the same time.

Web governance framework consulting by Akendi Go

Web Governance2 - 7 weeks

Create a web governance policy that defines how your website will continue to fulfill its mission into the future.


Experience Ideation & Design

Turn the best ideas into concepts that show the potential you are looking for, early in the design process.

Concent audit by Akendi Go

Content Audit2 - 6 weeks

Have your content reviewed to understand what’s there, who it’s for, who owns it, and where gaps, redundancies, and inconsistencies exist.

Service blueprinting by Akendi Go

Service Blueprinting2 - 8 weeks

Outline every interaction a customer has with your organization as a foundation for delivering a consistent service experience.

UX concept ideation design by Akendi Go

UX Concept Ideation2 - 6 weeks

Find innovative new ways to help users interact with your brand, product, service or content, and ensure their ongoing delight.

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