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The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation shares volunteer and donor stories in a magazine-style annual report.


Annual Report


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The challenge

Every year the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) raises millions of dollars, works with thousands of volunteers and funds hundreds of initiatives. As a registered charity, the CBCF is required to publish an annual report. The CBCF welcomes the transparency inherent in the report, but wanted to take it to the next level by engaging readers and celebrating its community.

annual report designs annual report designs
annual report design annual report designer

Our approach

Stakeholder interviews revealed that volunteers and researchers are the backbone of all the CBCF’s initiatives and are integral to its success. So, Akendi put their pictures and stories at the centre of the annual report.

Combining a bright colour palette with a yearbook picture layout, Akendi created a magazine-style annual report containing all the financial and operational requirements while engaging readers with a compelling narrative.

The annual report invited stakeholders to relive and celebrate the previous year’s initiatives. The yearbook layout and magazine-style engaged readers by positioning them as pillars of the community. The layout set a new expectation for the content and design of this yearly requirement while encouraging others to participate in future initiatives.

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