Canadian Partnership Against Cancer


Clever design encourages readership and helps key stakeholders understand the progress made towards delivering Canada’s cancer control strategy.


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Case study overview
CPAC annual report design

The challenge

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer has a crucial mission: to reduce the impact cancer has on Canadians’ lives. The Partnership is funded by the federal government and is comprised of thousands of cancer experts, charities, governments, agencies and patient groups, all working independently, yet collaboratively, in real time. The document had to capture the complexity of the Partnership’s work, yet tell a compelling story of achievement – all while abiding by Health Canada’s reporting requirements.

annual report experience design annual report experience design
annual report designers annual report experience designer

Our approach

With an understanding of how the Partnership connects and shares information across its network, Akendi created the theme ‘Better Together’.

A colour-coded roadmap, representing connectivity, runs throughout the report highlighting the Partnership’s progress against ambitious objectives in furthering Canada’s cancer control strategy.

The final product is a visually-engaging annual report that is easy to understand and encourages further reading. The design reflects the importance of connection between the thousands of stakeholder organizations which are all working toward the same important goal. The report’s structure and content was recognized and praised by the Prime Minister’s Office.

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