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A powerful visual design enabled an Ottawa conference to convey its focus on next-generation technology at its event and on its website.


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Case study overview
IoT613 Brand Design

The challenge

CapCHI needed to develop a brand identity, website, signage, collateral, wayfinding, and spacial plan for its new annual conference. Called IoT613, the event required a modern, forward-looking visual design that would convey the excitement and innovation of the conference’s topics and convince people to attend for the first time.

IoT613 Web Design IoT613 Brand Social Media Design
IoT613 Web Design IoT613 Ottawa Web Design

Our approach

Akendi worked with conference stakeholders to identify the vision, tone, voice, and feel desired for the new event. This work informed the development of a visual identity system designed to represent the cutting-edge, collaborative world of the Internet of Things.

With a brand identity in place, Akendi designed and developed the website, banners, flutter flags, and sandwich boards used as wayfinding tools during the conference. Akendi also assisted with the spatial planning of the physical conference hall.

IoT613 Event Design IoT613 Event Designers IoT613 Social Media Design IoT613 Event Designs

The inaugural IoT613 event was a resounding success and both workshops sold out in advance. The new brand identity and visual approach conveyed the quality of the conference and encouraged the public to take on the risk of attending an unknown event. Participants gave positive feedback on the brand, content and execution of the conference.

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