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Canadians can stay up-to-date on the progress of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer’s mandate with an intelligent and dynamically-designed microsite.


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Case study overview
CPAC web user experience design

The challenge

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (the Partnership) brings together thousands of cancer experts, charities, agencies and patient groups, all working independently, yet collaboratively across the country. When the Partnership released it’s mandate for the next five years, it was critical to ensure it was available to all stakeholders, no matter their location, and that it showcased progress on five key areas of focus.

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Our approach

To ensure that partner organisations had easy access to important information relevant to their mandate, Akendi created an online microsite. Five colour-coded lines were chosen to represent the focus areas. Videos and images were placed along the timeline so that partners could understand and explore the organisation’s goals.

The design positioned the Partnership as a conduit between cancer organisations and research community.

cpac visual design cpac web front-end code

The microsite allowed the Partnership’s members across the country to get an in-depth look at the mandate and progress throughout the 5 years. The microsite’s interactive features engaged readers and brought members together to share in each other’s past successes and future projects. The microsite was left open ended so it could be easily updated and changed as the mandate progressed.

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