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The Royal Bank of Canada improves its RBC Rewards program by making it easier for customers to redeem points.


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Case study overview
RBC Rewards UX Web Design

The challenge

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) wanted to boost customer loyalty and build new business by improving its Visa RBC Rewards program. RBC Rewards has three levels of Visa pointearners: Avion, Signature and Gold. The new program needed an updated catalogue that would allow everyone to effortlessly browse products, view points and redeem them for top-of-the-line products.

RBC Rewards UX IA Design RBC Rewards UX Web Wireframe Designer
RBC Rewards UX IA Designs RBC Rewards UX Web Designers

Our approach

Akendi restructured the catalogue search function of the RBC Rewards website to make it easier for customers to find products.

By developing a new content strategy and revising the content architecture Akendi made the product organisation effortless and intuitive for customers to use.

Avion, Signature and Gold members are redeeming more RBC Rewards points than ever. RBC’s Avion Rewards Card stands out in particular, being named one of Canada’s best that year.

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