A new, user-friendly intranet helped employees of an international construction company share content among a widely distributed team.


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Case study overview
EllisDon intranet UX Web Design

The challenge

EllisDon Corporation’s employees were creating and sharing high-value content to help themselves and their colleagues seize opportunities, work efficiently and uphold the company’s high standards of excellence. But the SharePoint-based intranet they were using was outdated and difficult to navigate — making much of the company’s great material hard to find.

Ellisdon IA design Ellisdon UX designers
Ellisdon IA designer Ellisdon ux designs

Our approach

We used EllisDon’s existing external branding as a starting point and looked at the kind of content its people were trying to share. We came up with a new information architecture and design that put the focus where it belonged: on the content.

Our team made sure the new design not only looked good, but also worked well and was userfriendly so that users could quickly and easily find information relevant to them and their needs.

The new design’s publication-style approach is much more user-focused and visually appealing than EllisDon’s former intranet. As a result, more people are using it, and are more able to find relevant content that helps them do their jobs better.

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