MedAvail gained new insight into what users expect and want from its innovative MedCenter kiosks.


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Case study overview
Medavail usability testing

The challenge

To increase usage of its innovative MedCenter pharmaceutical dispensing machines, MedAvail wanted to gauge the public’s interest in the kiosks and identify any user experience issues that could be reducing their use. MedAvail was also interested in learning more about the locations and environments in which users would be most comfortable interacting with the machine in order to determine ideal placements for the kiosks.

Medavail Usability Testing

Akendi helped us make sense of our user experience, better understand our core demographics and define our market. Your team gathered the information we needed to improve our product. Akendi’s hard work and dedication is much appreciated!

Director Product
and Documentation Jacqui Detmar

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Our approach

Through a combination of individual usability testing sessions, several focus groups with key user groups and site visits to existing kiosks, Akendi uncovered the biggest benefits of using an automated dispenser over a traditional pharmacy counter.

Akendi also identified elements of the kiosk experience design, accompanying advertising material, and placement of the dispensing machines that were reducing its use.

Akendi’s research provided MedAvail with a clear understanding of the barriers of use to its system, and highlighted areas for immediate improvement. This insight will help MedAvail improve the placement of existing kiosks and update their accompanying signage to maximize use. Our findings also influence the experience design of future kiosks to better meet the needs and expectations of end users.

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