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Case study overview
Koodo Mobile Service Design

The challenge

Koodo was recognised as the best cellphone service provider in Canada for customer service by J.D. Power & Associates in 2013. As a company whose customers are largely digital natives, Koodo had to stay relevant to solidify its position as Canada’s mobile phone leader.

Koodo Mobile Service Designer Koodo Mobile Service Designers
Koodo Mobile Service Design Koodo Mobile Service Designs

Our approach

Through extensive interviews, Akendi found that Koodo’s tech-savvy customers wanted full access to services online. To make it effortless for users to customise their plans, Akendi worked closely with customer service representatives to understand what options and product information needed to be available on the site.

A sophisticated information architecture and interaction design were created to give customers access to the multitude of options offered by Koodo and to make the site fully responsive.

Koodo customers can now easily access their plans, purchase upgrades and buy new phones through the online store, no matter what device they use. The website allows Koodo to continue delivering the highest quality of customer service right where the company’s core customer base wants it – in the palm of their hands.

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