Akendi finds weaknessess and identifies improvements in a new messaging application through rigorous usability testing for Telus Communications.


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Case study overview
Telus app ux testing

The challenge

Telus Communications, one of Canada’s leading telecommunications companies, is committed to providing customers with the best and latest technologies. The market is full of new applications and technologies, and to provide first-rate service Telus needs to ensure that only the best products are released.

Telus apps usability testing Telus app usability testing
Telus app usability tests Telus app usability testers

Our approach

To determine if the new cross-platform messaging application was ready for market distribution, Akendi consultants conducted a comprehensive usability test that incorporates three devices – smartphone, tablet and desktop – and Android and iOS operating systems. Testers completed key tasks and Akendi team members captured measures of success on task, time on task and user satisfaction.

After collecting the data, we identified and ranked usability issues according to criticality so the Telus team could prioritize its resolution before product launch.

The insights gathered from usability testing continue to inform further product development. Telus is implementing Akendi’s recommendations concerning the application’s interface and usability, and is working towards redeveloping the application to better meet the needs of customers.

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