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OMA Insurance members can now obtain quick, accurate quotes via a simple and engaging online insurance calculator.


User Research, Web UX Design, Usability Testing, Front-end Coding & Styleguide


Case study overview
OMA Insurance UX Web Design

The challenge

To improve the experience of members seeking insurance quotes, OMA Insurance wished to consolidate and improve its online calculators. In addition to being difficult to use, the design of these important business tools was dated and did not reflect OMA’s newly revamped brand. OMA sought Akendi’s help to offer its members a more professional and intuitive user experience.

OMA Insurance UX Web Wireframe Design OMA Insurance UX Web Usability Testing
OMA Insurance UX Web wireframe Design OMA Insurance UX Web Usability Testing

Our approach

Through workshops with key stakeholders, Akendi identified the most common calculator users and tasks. Based on this insight and an iterative design approach, we created a streamlined calculator experience that allows members to self-identify and view the most relevant insurance options for their career stage.

In addition to creating a visual design that better supports user tasks, we gave the calculators a new, modern look to ensure that they would be attractive to members.

OMA Insurance UX Web Front End Code OMA Insurance UX Web Design

Thanks to Akendi’s user research and experience designs, the OMA was able to confidently create a new, user-centred calculator for its member and advisor community. In addition to seamlessly integrating with the existing website and reflecting the OMA Insurance brand, the new calculator is more engaging, simpler for members to use, and receiving accolades within the organization.

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