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An in-depth analysis of the season ticket holder experience helps Ottawa Senators management optimise the service experience.


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Case study overview
Ottawa Senators experience journey mapping

The challenge

For over two decades, Ottawa fans have been buying season tickets to support their NHL team: the Ottawa Senators. Recognising season ticket holders as the most loyal (and profitable) of customers, management wanted to raise the bar of the service provided and grow this market. In order to meet this objective, the Senators’ management team needed to understand fully the customer experience.

Ottawa Senators experience journey mapping

Akendi gave us greater insight into our users, their customer journeys and their behaviours, allowing us to better position ourselves to respond to their needs in a way that met their expectations.

Director Of Season-Seat Membership
& Group Ticket Sales Chris Atack

Ottawa Senators experience journey map
Ottawa Senators experience journey mapping Ottawa Senators experience journey mapping research

Our approach

To grasp the Senators customer experience, Akendi conducted interviews with season ticket holders about every stage of the experience lifecycle, from online account setup, to game preparation and package renewal. Akendi identified three customer personas, each with distinct and unique experiences.

To communicate the findings, Akendi visualised the data as an experience map which outlined the experiences of season ticket holders and their potential ideal experiences.

The Senators experience map, which currently hangs in the Senators head office, brings Senators’ management closer to season ticket holders and serves as a reminder of the responsibility the organization owes this key sector of Senators’ fans.

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