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Case study overview
Credit Suisse Employee Journey Map

The challenge

Before significant investing in a new video conferencing system, Credit Suisse wished to understand the collaboration needs and goals of its employees. The multinational financial services company reached out to Akendi to identify a comprehensive set of user requirements that would guide future collaboration technology purchases and conference facility design.

Credit Suisse employee journey mapping research Credit Suisse employee journey mapping design
Credit Suisse journey mapping Credit Suisse employee journey mapping research

Our approach

Through stakeholder workshops, Akendi gathered feedback on existing video conferencing collaboration issues. In depth user interviews helped identify the needs and behaviours of employees and informed the creation of personas that represented them.

The interviews and resulting analysis led to the development of an experience map that visualized the existing collaboration workflow, isolated key pain points and presented design recommendations.

Akendi was able to identify and prioritize more than 30 key video conferencing user needs, which we presented to Credit Suisse in a clear and easily-disseminated presentation. These results helped the organization compare potential collaboration design solutions with actual user requirements, and develop a user-centered roadmap for conferencing technology selection, procurement, and rollout.

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