An end-to-end involvement in the Arm ® Intrinsics function look-up tool helped deliver major improvements for this key interface.


UX for Tech and Innovation; User Research; Interface Design; Development Support

Case study overview

The challenge

Arm ® Intrinsics functions are an important tool for optimising performance of software running on Arm ® silicon. With wide adoption of the Arm® v9 architecture, interest has never been higher.

The existing look-up tool was felt to be cumbersome, and the entire single-page tool needed to be rewritten from the ground up.

Akendi helped ARM develop meaningful insights with our customers, which lead to an application design that was the right fit for the use case and the audience. Being a technically complex project, Akendi guided the outcomes, from production of the information, interaction and visual design to coordination of the development team to meet the user experience specification.

Client quotation

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Our approach

Akendi were on board from the beginning of the project, running internal stakeholder workshops to agree on a definition of the problem and the project approach. We interviewed key internal stakeholders at length before deciding on a usercentric direction for the rest of the project.

Research hinged on a series of in-depth interviews with real users. From this we were able to bring improvements to the information that is required by developers at each stage of use.

Prototypes of the interaction and visual designs were tested with more users, iterated upon and documented in a UX specification.

We were able to project-manage the Agile development team through the writing of user stories, conducting ceremonies and supporting developers with implementation guidance.

The new single-page application was launched as planned with intial reactions being enthusiastic, even ahead of the official launch. Feedback from social media compared the tool very favourably to Arm’s nearest competitor.

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