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Having Akendi embedded in their agile delivery team allowed Connected Places Catapult to deliver high-quality, user-tested product changes


Virtual Experience Team (VXT™); Usability Testing; Interface Design

Case study overview
Construction site

The challenge

CPC were in the final stage of a GovTech project in collaboration with the London Borough of Waltham Forest. They reached out to Akendi for usability testing and design support for BuildUp, a prototype development planning web-app.

Akendi is a hands on proactive support that enabled the project to be delivered to a high quality and mutual success.

Client quotation

Virtual Experience Team

Our approach

What they got was the full range of Akendi services, all for the cost of one part-time contractor. While one colleague supported the CPC delivery teamwith design support and usability testing, other Akendians provided project management and visual design on an ad-hoc basis.

The approach involved hitting the ground running in week 1, absorbing all prior reserach and agreeing a test plan. Several rounds of formal and informal usability tests were conducted int he weeks that followed, with Akendi working closely with the development team to highlight problems, create solutions and implement changes to the architecture and interface.

Akendi were delighted to be able to contribute a full research report and strategic assets in the form of validated personas and journey maps. Should the tool be taken to production, these will form an excellent basis for future user-focused decision making.

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