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Gamma are a communications provider for organisations of all kinds. It operates as both a direct and indirect sales channel, selling to other distributors and end users. Over time, Gamma has evolved its’ offer providing a range of communication and data services that lie at the heart of any team, business or organisation spanning data, mobile and video conferencing.


Stakeholder Research, User Interviews, Experience Mapping, Competitive Review & Persona Definition


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The challenge

Gamma was undergoing a digital transformation process, and needed to better understand where and how they could offer a more valued service to drive business growth. Akendi were hired to help Gamma better understand their end users, particularly their behaviours, motivations, and requirements. We were then asked to integrate these insights into a competitive review, and synthesise the insights to make a series of UX Recommendations.

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Our approach

Akendi facilitated a persona and mapping workshop with key Gamma stakeholders and used the outcomes to inform who we needed to engage, and what we needed to know about their lives. Akendi then planned and facilitated focus groups across the UK and analysed the discussions and content to develop the insights into a series of recommendations.

A key insight from the user research was the discovery of competitive services and brands, as defined by the participants. Akendi evaluated 5 such competitors using 20 criteria to explore the value of each service to the end user.

Akendi synthesised the user and competitive insights into a series of recommendations. The original expectation was that the insights would inform the look, feel and behaviour of Gamma products and services, but the research showed a more fundamental need to develop new propositions focused on newly discovered organisational & user requirements.

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Thanks to the work of Akendi, GAMMA was able to redefine its market strategy and service proposition to one that is a closer match with customer requirements. As a result it has gained an important advantage over its competitors in, what is, a highly competitive market.

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