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The Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan redefines its web strategy to communicate its vision and investment plan to all stakeholders.


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Case study overview
OTPP Web Strategy

The challenge

The Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan (Teachers’) is one of the world’s largest institutional investors. It is a complex business organization working in a fast-changing and competitive industry. Responsible for the pensions of over 300,000 teachers and retirees, Teachers’ wanted a platform that would clearly communicate and reflect its pension plan strategy to shareholders.

OTPP Web Strategies OTPP Web Personas
OTPP Web Strategy OTPP Web Personas

Our approach

To marry the worlds of high finance and customer service, Akendi developed a four-year web strategy for Teachers’. Taking the performance management tool – the balanced scorecard approach – into account, a web strategy was developed around four key areas: finance; internal processes; learning and growth; and, customers and stakeholders.

Akendi defined and captured success metrics for these four areas which could be evaluated on a yearly basis over the course of the mandate.

This clearly-outlined web strategy will help members, investors and other stakeholders at Teachers’ articulate its pension plan to shareholders and keep them informed about business developments. The success metrics will allow Teachers’ to ensure that the web vision continues to support Teachers’ corporate vision and that the website provides all users with an easy path to the content they need.

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