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Brand Experiences

Creating an emotional connection with target audiences is the ultimate goal of every brand. Understand how your brand is perceived, then transform those perceptions to deliver the brand experience you most desire.

Brand experience design by Akendi

We’ll help your brand to:

  • Connect meaningfully with audiences
  • Align with your organizational goals & business plans
  • Build equity and long lasting value
With a responsive design that adjusts for easy viewing on any device, our new website is convenient and accessible.”
Bill Fisch York Region Chairman and CEO

Creating successful brand experiences requires a proven approach

Strategy category



Brand Strategy3 - 5 weeks

Understand your brand’s current perceptions, and what’s needed to ensure your brand is experienced as you intend it to be.


Competitive Brand Analysis2 - 4 weeks

Ensure your brand stands out in the marketplace by deeply understanding your competition, customer preferences, and attitudes.

Research category



Brand Personality Research2 - 4 weeks

Understanding the personality of your brand: what are the personal characteristics of your brand and where can that guide the design?


Stakeholder Research2 - 4 weeks

Bring stakeholders together utilizing quantitative and qualitative research techniques to strategize and envision the future of your brand.

Design category



Brand Identity Design3 - 5 weeks

Capture your organization’s essence in a brand identity that captures the attention of and resonates with customers and business stakeholders.


Brand Communication1 - 4 weeks

Effectively deliver your brand experience through professionally designed communications.


Corporate Communication1 - 4 weeks

Connect with your audiences through high quality corporate communication.


Brand Packaging Design2 - 4 weeks

Stand out from your competitors, convey your values and get the attention of your customers with visually captivating packaging design.


Annual Report Design2 - 4 weeks

Create an effective communications piece that conveys your brand values and your accomplishments, financial results and goals for the year to your stakeholders, shareholders and the public.

Testing category



Brand Concept testing2 - 4 weeks

Assess the top brand identity concepts and de-risk your branding investment through the rich data gathered from real customers.

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About Akendi

Akendi is a human experience design firm, leveraging equal parts experience research and creative design excellence. We provide strategic insights and analysis about customer and user behaviour and combine this knowledge with inspired design. The results enable organizations to improve effectiveness, engage users and provide remarkable customer experiences to their audiences.