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Intranet Governance

Realize the full potential of your intranet or enterprise portal.

Intranets and enterprise portals can be powerful tools for collaboration, information sharing, and empowerment. We’ll work with you to help your organization realize that potential by researching and developing a strong intranet governance framework for your enterprise wide portal.

Akendi intranet governance consulting

Questions answered

  • What steps should we implement to ensure our content stays up to date?
  • How can we ensure that everyone’s interests are served by our intranet?
  • What content management workflows should we have?

How we do it Timing: 2 - 4 weeks

  • Conduct discovery workshops with stakeholders to determine the governance objectives and business drivers, including the portal vision, mission, and strategy.
  • Capture and audit the current intranet governance process, and/or understand the current structure, roles, responsibilities, and activities.
  • Develop a RACI governance structure – including roles, permissions, workflows, procedures, and success metrics – to pilot with select projects.
  • Iterate the new framework based on learnings from the pilot project.
  • Work with you to plan the implementation, roll-out, and adoption of the new governance plan throughout the organization.
Akendi intranet governance consulting Akendi intranet governance consulting Akendi intranet governance consulting

What you get

Our research-based, Experience Thinking™ based approach to intranet governance ensures that you’ll get:

  • An information management gap analysis, as well as a vision, mission, and strategy for the intranet or enterprise portal
  • An inclusive governance framework that satisfies strategic objectives as well as specific stakeholder interests
  • A scalable strategy for intranet governance that will adjust and evolve with the organization

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